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Dukane has been supplying heavy duty cooling products for the transit industry for over 30 years. Our expertise has led us to become a preferred vendor for many transit companies. Our cooling system designs increase efficiency which saves money and extends the life of the engine.

When it comes to radiator, fuel tank, or charge air cooler repairs, Dukane provides unmatched service. Our thorough repair process ensures that your tank or cooler will be returned to good-as-new condition. Contact us or stop in to get a quote.

After noticing problems with cooling systems, such as leaky radiators, charge air coolers, and surge tanks, Dukane introduced more durable, longer lasting parts. If you need a replacement product or want to start from scratch, we will fabricate a product to fit your needs.

Support the Environment with No Hassle!

Reduced Material Consumption

as remanufacturing preserves much of the material in original product, less raw material is used than for manufacturing new products.

Reduced Energy Consumption

by limiting the amount of raw material extracted/recycled and the manufacturing of new components, remanufacturing typically uses less energy than manufacturing a new product.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

a reduction in energy consumption is usually accompanied by a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Reduction of Material Sent to Landfill

not all end-of-life products and/or their components are suitable for recycling and instead end up in landfill. Remanufacturing reduces this flow of material by keeping material in use for longer.

How It Works

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We take your leaking and clogged Radiator Cores Shipping your radiator core safely and securely, We have found over the years that it involves a little extra effort – you will protect your valuable radiator, and save yourself the aggravation of dealing with a damaged radiator

Remanufacture of damaged Radiators or Manufacture of new Radiators. The radiator is one of the most commonly repaired parts among Gillig and New Flyer Busses that have been used over a long period. Radiator-related problems could be due to many reasons and some of them can be resolved through a basic, auto-repair regimen. However, sometimes a complete overhaul or a radiator remanufacture is needed.

Deliver the radiators to appropriate location. Our own delivery teams operate where we have the most orders. In US we can deliver radiators either by a two-man courier or on a pallet. Outside of those areas we deliver our radiators on pallets through the Pallex network.